8 comments on “Abandoned buildings and property in Northeast Ohio/Western PA

  1. damn, i found out about the place and went with my friends, than the cops showed up, but they were probley the sweetest cops ever. they just told us not to come back or we’ll get arested, but the one reall old cop was telling us stories and other places, and the other two were just excited they got us becase they said they haddent found ppl back there for years. The place was just Awsome! i wish i knew more places like it around here…

    • Oh, and i onlw know of a few places like it and ill inform you on them, and i was wondering if wou could tell me what the film will be named?

      • The main film that we will be making up there is called “Within”; we will also be using parts of it for one of our other future projects “South Side”.

    • Ha, I know exactly which officer you are talking about and yes, those guys are awesome (especially compared to some of the other law enforcement agencies that we have worked with).

  2. I’m looking for a location just like that, also for filming reasons. Can you give me directions to this and other places in the area?

    • The easiest way to find information (locations) about abandoned properties in the area would be to download our Google Earth Places file (here on our blog titled Project Google Earth). Load it into Google Earth and that will show you all of the places that we have come across thus far.

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