About: The Laythrom Blog

About Laythrom’s Blog

We originally started this blog with the idea of keeping people informed of what we are doing and the projects that we are working on. We are starting to push that progression into more of a “one stop shop” for independent filmmakers and amateurs alike. Knowledge is power and the awesome thing about technology is that now a days, between the internet, companies like Adobe, AutoDesk, Pinnacle and Sony; filmmaking and art abilities are available to all.

Knowledge is Power

Basically, we could probably be here for the next three plus years just writing about everything that our artists and crew know. For this reason, we are going to try this on a by inquiry basis for now. If you have questions about something that is not posted yet; feel free to let us know…ask us your question and we will not only post it one here for you and others, but we’ll also email you the information directly (if desired).

Question Topics

Please try to keep the questions on topic (so to say); topics such as filming, script writing, lighting, photography, 3D modeling & rendering, special effects, visual effects, audio recording, editing, DVD/Bluray authoring, casting, promotion, graphic design, disc duplication, etc.

How to Reach Us

It’s easy, you can email us directly:

On Twitter

Laythrom on Twitter

Or by posting comments on our blog here!

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