About Laythrom

Laythrom Media and Laythrom Films Entertainment (commonly referred to as Laythrom or just Laythrom Media) is an independent digital production and entertainment company located in Northeast Ohio. The company was founded in 2002 (under the name Laythrom Independent Films) in Southern California and has since been formed and headquartered in the Warren, Ohio area as of 2009.

In 2009, Laythrom started to compile and produce Technical Media Services and Interactive Training Modules for a wide variety of businesses and other clientele. Laythrom Media offers several different services for businesses, artists, bands and consumers; while Laythrom Films produces and creates independent film shorts and full feature films.

You can also see/learn more about us at Laythrom.co

The Laythrom Media “Mask”:

Laythrom’s founders are frequently asked about the logo that they had chosen to use to represent the face of their company;

“Honestly, it really revolves around my desires to be a film maker until the day I’m no longer vertical. I’ve always wanted to make a post-apocalyptic film, hence the gas mask…even since high school. One day while I was watching a documentary on Chernobyl I started sketching and ended up with one [sketch] that started looking pretty gnarly, I flipped things around and based the rest of it around the British S10 mask, the rest is history I guess. Now that they have released “Fallout 3” and “New Vegas”, it just fortifies that desire even more.”

~M. Adkins, Laythrom CEO

Film Visions:

Where does Laythrom want to go [in lieu of making films]?

“Ha, this is a fun question. Well first off, I would like to set one very important thing straight. We are NOT a company working around the Adult Entertainment business. I don’t know how many times people automatically assume that we’re looking to produce and sell porn. Sorry, that’s not our goal. But to answer your question, one of the goals that we started with was ‘to make a film on a very low budget that can compete with Hollywood’. That’s pretty much what started it all. I can also say that we like to think outside the box, we also like to show things in realistic manners regardless of how people may take it. That’s the one great thing about being independent…no ratings restrictions and rejections due to a topic being too graphic or controversial.”

~M.Adkins, Laythrom CEO


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