Current Projects

With a Turn of the Key (DUI Video)

We are getting ready to produce a short teen drunk driving video titled “With a Turn of the Key” to be distributed to MADD, SADD, driving schools, high schools and colleges within the Mahoning Valley as well as different school systems across the US.

This is a non-profit, educational video that will be distributed to those outlets free of charge to help lower the amount of drunk driving instances.

This video is to be filmed in Brookfield Twp, Ohio and will last approximately 5 minutes in length.

Check back later for more details.

Operation Iron Horse

Operation Iron Horse is currently on hold until we find a suitable filming location. If anyone has suggestions on locations to use, let us know. We’re looking for an old business building, school or hospital type location (something with lots of rooms and hallways).

The synopsis follows below:

“A lone Special Forces Operator takes on a group of rebels in an attempt to rescue a Senator’s Daughter and her friends from captivity. A friend of the Senators’, the operator cannot fail his mission; only question is, can he survive the overwhelming odds?”

Filming for this project should prove interesting; guns, explosions, hand to hand combat and a small group of people running around two different abandoned locations.

We will be throwing a lot of visual effects into this short film, including some new stuff [such as overhead UAV footage, vehicles, possibly helicopters, thousands of rounds of ammunition and maybe even a surprise or two].

Keep your eyes and ears open; soon after filming, both the action short and behind the scenes footage will be publicly broadcast. If you’re wanting to volunteer, do so now…shoot dates are coming up soon!

Dead Life 2: Necrodevils

Recently we assisted Schotten Filmworks in the production of Dead Life 2: Necrodevils. Production has since wrapped and it is now in the post production stage.


Due to budget constraints and the loss of our primary filming location, we are postponing our full feature production currently titled “Within”. The project isn’t going to be completely shelved and abandoned, but at this time it is not an avenue that we can run. We will continue to scout different locations in the hopes to produce this film.

“Within” is a psycho-drama (shooting in both DV and HDV) set in Soviet Russia during the late 1940s (not long after WWII and just before the Cold War). The “State” has engaged a group of forgotten captives (who have been deemed “Enemies of the State”) into biological experiments in the hopes to enhance the common soldier of the Red Army. During the experiment, things go horribly wrong and it is up to the facility doctor and his staff to attempt to salvage the tests. Will they be able to pull everything together for the “Mother Land” or will things spiral out of control? Only one thing is certain, things that happen within the test chamber are definitely not what the State had in mind.


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