Special Thanks

Laythrom Media would like to take the time to say thank you to all of those who are/have supported us and our filming endeavors from day one.

Being a self-funded independent film and media group is an extremely hard and time consuming undertaking; if it wasn’t for our families, friends and volunteers, Laythrom Media may not be what it is today and for this I say thank you.

There is also a group of individuals and companies that we would also like to say thank you to and we have realized that they are technically an integral part of us and our process in some way shape or form. So we have decided to support them as much as we can just like they have supported us.

Below you will find names and links of those persons/companies and how they have helped us.

I urge you, whether you are just a visitor to our site (because you have seen or heard of us) or you are also a filmmaker (interested in gaining information),

to browse through the different webpages below to see what they are about. Only ten minutes of browsing may just lead you to wonderful things.

Mickey’s Army-Navy

Ripped Vinyl

The Trumbull County Commissioners Office

Brookfield Township

David Laird

The City of Warren

The Pittsburgh Film Office

The Pennsylvania Film Office

The Greater Cleveland Film Commission

Basement Records

Host Gator

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