Tactical and Military Consultancy

Laythrom Media has several personal that can assist with tactical and/or military consultancy in lieu of photography and cinematography.

Combined, we have over 30 years of military and government experience [across different branches]. Our CEO and Director, M. Adkins has six years of experience as a Military Police officer in the Army [also as a special services operator] and two years experience working as a police officer with the Department of Defense. Our Operations Officer, C.Rosier has six years experience as a munitions and disposal specialist with the Air Force. M. Ramirez has eight years experience as a combat infantryman and Air Assaulter in the Army. J. McLaine has four years experience as a Master of Arms for the Navy and six years of experience as a Field Agent for the FBI and is also SWAT qualified. Last but not least, D. Wilson has served in the Air Force Special Operations command, as an Army Ranger and was Airborne, Air Assault and Pathfinder qualified; he has ten years of total service.

Depending on what may be needed, we can work with almost any film or photography project. Fees can be waived for small independent films or photography sessions as well. Due to our concerns and proclivities, we will consider and review any and all projects no matter how big or small.

As a final note, I will state that all of us are proud of our service and achievements as well as our affiliation. We will review projects and scripts in order to make sure that the said project(s) do not give the military a horrible or inhumane image if members of the military are portrayed. Obviously, on the other hand, if just a tactical consultancy is requested, that would not apply. Furthermore, we will only show/teach your cast and/or crew methods or tactics in an attempt to make your project as believable as possible. We will not show crucial tactics that can be used against Law Enforcement, Government or Military Agencies.

If you have a need for a military or tactical consultant, please feel free to fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can. If you have a time critical project, please specify this in your email.

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