Laythrom’s Abandoned Google Earth Project

Pinpointing on Google Earth… As we have talked about before, here on WordPress; we are trying to compile as much information about abandoned places. Thus far, we have found a lot of information (as well as a .kmz file) on old government Nike Sites across the US; we are adding to that in a different […]

Brookfield AFS Radar Base Update (Sept 2012)

Update September 2012 Unfortunately, we come bearing bad news with this post; the abandoned Brookfield AFS Radar Base [also known as the Former Trumbull County Nursing Home Facility] located in Brookfield, Ohio is no longer under the ownership of Trumbull County and now belongs to a private entity. Sadly this means that it is only […]

Brookfield Air Force Station [Radar Base]

Brookfield Air Force Station [Radar Base] Located in the township of Brookfield, Ohio, the Brookfield Air Force Station is an abandoned military radar base that was built in the 1950s as part of the Strategic Air Defense Network [for the Cold War]. The site housed the 662d Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron and began operations […]