Cameras for the Indie Filmmaker

Wow, loaded title huh? Even though we technically can’t spend the next four hours discussing all of the different cameras and camera platforms that can be used by the indie filmmaker, we will layout some different types and some of the different platforms that we use. DSLR: DSLRs are great for those who wish to […]

CGI Renderers and Render Information

Finally have gotten to CGI Rendering… Not meaning that we’ve never done any 3d modeling or VFX yet, but finally, we have had the chance to sit down and shine some input on the different programs and renderers that are out there. Personally, we typically use Autodesk Maya for any CGI that we create [second […]

Lordstown Elementary/Middle School

Yesterday, we had the privilege of touring the old Elementary/Middle school in Lordstown, Ohio and it was an awesome experience. From the information that we have come across, the school was originally built in 1917 and was finally closed in 2008. Considering that the school was an elementary/middle school, it is probably safe to assume […]

Military/Tactical Consultancy for Films

Although this is being written in a format more as a FAQ than a discussion, understand that I am writing this in an attempt to help benefit other filmmakers out there. First I would like to say, that if you plan on having anyone play the part of a military person or police person, you […]